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Madena-Cons specializes in manufacturing of non-standard and serial equipment from stainless steels of any complexity

Stainless steel products areused in almost all industries. Excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel is one of the main advantages of the material. Welded stainless steel structures have increased rigidity and strength, compared to other carbon steels. Stainless steel products are aesthetic in appearance, durable, beautiful and after several years of operation indistinguishable from new ones.

Madena-Cons is a successfully developing company in the field of production of non-standard and neutral equipment made of stainless steels.

The company has its own production facilities, equipped with unique metalworking equipment.

High qualification of workers and engineers, plus modern equipment, allow the company to produce competitive products.

Our enterprise is interested in expanding the volume and range of products, so we are ready to consider any proposals for cooperation.


Manufacture of stainless steel equipment

Application area:

  • food industry;
  • medical and pharmaceutical industry;
  • heat and power industry;
  • chemical, oil and gas and other industries.

Quality of our products:

  • In the manufacture of products, only certified materials are used, which most satisfy the customer's requirements for quality, safety and durability.
  • The products are manufactured using modern unique metal-working equipment with software control.
  • Depending on the field of application of the products, the appropriate welding methods are used in their manufacture, for example, such as orbital welding with automatic weld control, the latest surface treatment technologies and welds.
  • For products with special requirements to the quality of manufacturing, ultrasonic testing is used.
  • New samples of products of our department are controlled in the laboratory of reliability and non-destructive testing, which guarantees high quality of manufactured products.



We are convinced that the success of a company is related to the achievement of primary goals, such as: increasing customer satisfaction, improving the production process, protecting workers in accordance with the principles of social responsibility and observing the environmental protection principles in which they operate.

That is why we have made a commitment that we respect, promote and develop the continued technological innovation of production equipment to increase production capacity and improve the quality of work in accordance with all the principles and rules of worker safety and health and protection of the environment



Quality, functionality and reliability are the main features of a wide range of products, the efficiency of which is guaranteed by our experienced staff in the field. What we know to do better is to produce with professionalism and passion, and that can be seen in all our products.



  • A young and dynamic team of professionals.
  • we turn our customers' expectations into reality
  • we do not neglect any detail
  • we fulfill our commitments
  • unbeatable quality / price ratio
  • collaborating with suppliers who share our respect for quality
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HIGH QUALITY - The accumulated experience from engineering to production start-up, know-how in production, application of patented welding seams, allow us to be sure that every element made by MADENA-CONS will be of high quality.

8 YEARS ON THE MARKET - Since its foundation in 2014 and to the present day, over 8 years of operation, our company has become one of the leading companies in the regional market for the production of equipment and products made of stainless steel.

Madena-Cons SRL was founded in 2014. The company began its activity with the distribution of components for the automation of production processes, presenting in the local market the world's leading brands.


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